Walkie Talkie

We have listed the best deals on Walkie Talkie intercom. Perfect when hiking and hunting or just for fun. Buy a set of units and it will be cheaper than buyin one. Walkie Talkie have been around for a long time and are here to stay. When you are out in the woods where you can't rely on the cellphone connection the Walkie Talkie will be the solution to stay in tuch with each other.


Walkie-talkie is a handheld communication radio. It has one or more half-duplex channels for transmission and reception, as well as a key-switched switch for speech and listening. In contrast to phones, communication radio generally has a loudspeaker with enough noise for no need to hold it by the ear. If you are intrested of reading about the history of the Walkie-talkie click here .

How to choose Walkie Talkie

If you want to know some tips when choosing a walkie-talkie watch this clip below.

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